Which issues might the virtual board meeting software help you to solve?

Which issues might the virtual board meeting software help you to solve?

The board of directors’ activity involves using specific control and management tools – as a rule, and these are specialized programs in which all the necessary functions are combined in a convenient and visual interface. This article will analyze the common issues that can be solved with board management software.

What are the common issues of modern boards?

Information technologies are becoming a key factor in achieving business goals; therefore, their management rises from operational to strategic. Therefore, modern collegial bodies implement board portal solutions to automate and optimize their activity. And the director’s advice must take the most direct part in forming a digital transformation strategy, raising questions about the direction of its work in this area.

The board of directors is a variant of a regular meeting in many ways, with a standard agenda and the composition of the participants. They realize the board software to solve the common business issues:

    • Participants in the meeting are busy solving minor issues, and there is no time left for strategic (low-level organization).
    • They go in a circle – they discuss the same problems/tasks, but nothing is done following the meeting (the situation is “talked and dispersed”).
    • No one knows what to grab for – they generate new tasks at the meeting when the old ones have not yet been completed (with this approach, neither those nor the others will be fulfilled).
    • Participants in the meeting shift the responsibility to each other and think not about the benefits of the case but about how to distract the leader’s attention from their unit and “flood” colleagues from related departments.
    • The meeting is held in the format “Monologue of the leader”: what a discussion of ideas and proposals is here. In this case, the rest of the participants become superfluous.
    • An excessive number of participants in the meeting is invited, which is why the latter turns into a booth or a sleepy kingdom.
    • Lack of transparency. Nobody knows what the leaders of the middle level with their subordinates are conferred of and how productive it is.

How can the board software help in this case?

The virtual board meeting software is your consultant and solution provider for video conferencing, collaboration tools, and digital transformation with collegial bodies. The software provides the following advantages for the organizations of the board of director’sdirector’s activity:

    • A multilevel security system and a system of delimitation of access rights (customizable dynamic role model), guaranteeing that access to confidential business information will be provided only by the authorized users;
    • The possibility of encrypting the storage of documents (is included at the stage of deployment and configuration of the solution). All work is carried out through our server; you only need to go through the link to the conference you organize.
    • Wide possibilities of protocoling, auditing, and monitoring of the actions of the system and events in it;
    • Creation of a single information space for storing and processing the organization’s documents. The software ensures a unified design standard, as well as formalized storage and submission of metadata documents;
    • The approved templates are used to prepare meeting documents. It helps to make documents quickly and without errors. The approval of documents is as transparent and convenient as possible: the consistent lists are automatically formed depending on the document type and easily adapt to your organization’s structure and processes.