Egnyte File Storage Features

Virtual data rooms work much the same way. They offer options for storing and using files, organizing workflow, protecting company data, and you choose the platform you are most comfortable with. That said, there are many differences between specific types of virtual data rooms, which is the reason for the industry’s expansion. Egnyte file storage ranks among the most popular virtual data rooms. We invite you to find out what is the reason for its popularity.

What features does Egnyte offer its users?

The main emphasis in Egnyte virtual room is on file storage. The developers not only created wide opportunities for storing data of different volumes but also gave the opportunity to work with them with maximum comfort for everyone. In particular, users of this virtual storage have the opportunity to:

  1. Work with documents without the need to use a hard disk. You can manage files, change their format or content using the desktop application, which greatly simplifies the work with documents in the company.
  2. Set a personalized access mode for each user. It is not only a question of creating an account for each person who will work with the file storage. It is possible to give every user a clear list of permissions for certain actions with the files.
  3. Downloading documents from any user device. With personalized access to the repository, users can upload or download documents at any time of the day or night.
  4. Automatically edit uploaded files. Even after documents have been moved to the file repository they can be edited simply by opening the appropriate tab in the browser.
  5. Only logged in users can use the file storage. While remote access to your documents certainly makes your workflow easier, not all users are able to access them. This way you can ensure that your documents are protected from unauthorized access.
  6. Maintain logs of user activity. Every time a user logs a session, the history of the user’s activity in the repository is stored, so it is always possible to track how effectively the employees work.
  7. Share files without unnecessary risk. You do not need to retrieve a file from the repository to send it to a business partner or another person who has viewing access. Simply send a link to it and keep track of its activity.

This list of options for Egnyte file storage is not exhaustive. Moreover, it is constantly updated depending on the system version.

Egnyte vs Dropbox: what’s the advantage?

Some users might argue that other popular platforms – Dropbox, for example – have the same features for working with documents. However, it’s worth pointing out the fact that Dropbox is not a virtual data room. Yes, that platform works with cloud technology too, but it doesn’t offer the same management and protection capabilities for corporate data. So if you’re looking to take your company to the next level, we recommend Egnyte.